Mr. Satyakam Sethi for his educational qualification holds a degree in Electronic Engineering. Whereas, his wife, Mrs. Santosh Sethi was an Economic honors´┐Ż graduate. Their spiritual mind and common goals and dreams to help and support people through difficult times and to give their life a better meaning, they engaged themselves in being partners in serving people through the art of Spirituality & Astrology and the same passion led them into studying various Vedic Shastra, Vedas & Astrological books. Giving their dreams and values a defined direction, they both attained respective degrees and designation from various Astrology & Vastu Institutions, such as, All India Federation of Astrologers Society, Future point (AIFAS) , Vedic Bhregu Sansthan.
     They have been practicing Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology and Vastu. From the past 21 years and are deeply Religious & Spiritual. They are ardent devotee of Goddess Maa Durga ji and Lord Ganesha ji and owe their success to firstly to them and then their family and well-wishers.
They have gained expert knowledge and command over predictive accuracy over almost every topic which is of interest and importance for an individual such as Marital Compatibility, Progeny, Profession, Financial Stability, Love-life, Career & Education.
As their basic aim and goal is to support and serve people, they give inexpensive remedial solutions to their clients such as Mantras, Pujas and in the required cases Gem recommendations. Also Proper Guidance behalf of Person nature & Dhasha Effect.
Their clientage and followers can be met around the globe. From domestic neighborhood to international domain the people/ believers have put their immense trust in them and have gained equivalent support and insights to improve their day to day situations and living.
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