Dreaming is a part of life. Some people say that their dreams came true and some claim that they have seen horrifying figures disturbing their mind entire night.Dreams are the gateway to an inner world, a world just as real as the one outside. What is outside is also inside; what is inside is also outside. Dreams inform us in a visual language about repressed experiences and other process of the unconscious.
             Dreams are sometimes the reflection of what may be going on in our lives at the time. If we are worried or concerned about something that is happening we may dream something relating to this. Dreams happen in stages through images or emotions that are tied into what we are going through in our lives at the time. You may not always remember your dreams or you may recall the dream very clearly upon waking the next morning.
              Dreams may even provide a vision of something that will happen in the future or warn us against doing something that would put us in harm's way. The dreams can even seem very real upon waking and some people will recall a dream and what happened during the entire process.
             'The Interpretation of Dreams' writes that the experiences and suppressed desires of a person during waking hours are stored in his subconscious mind. Since subconscious mind continues to function during sleep also, it presents the same experiences and desires in the form of symbols in the dreams.

Understanding the Meaning of Dreams

             Some common dreams and their interpretations include dreaming about kissing a stranger. This dream could mean that the dreamer is going to find a new love or new relationship. It could mean a kiss goodbye, that a relationship is about to end. Generally dreams aren't visions of exact things that are going to happen, which is why they need to be interpreted. Dreams of death don't mean the dreamer or someone in their life is going to die. In fact, death dreams usually mean a change is coming. That change depends on who has died in the dream and how they died. It could be forewarning of the death of a relationship, a job or even a way of life.
            Some dreams may be strange, but can easily be interpreted too. Some dreams have interpretations that may not make sense, though. Dream interpretation is a learned skill that takes years to understand. One dream reading that makes sense is that dreaming of a house, its inner working and different rooms, is like stepping through the different areas of the dreamers mind. It room fits into a different area of the body. Think of the kitchen as the center of it all. More difficult are things like dreams of losing teeth. This dream doesn't mean teeth will start falling out, but it could mean the dreamer is pregnant. Of course, if a guy dreams this it could mean he is pregnant with an idea, not a baby.
       Dream interpretation is fun and intriguing. The meanings of dreams are diverse, just as diverse as the dreamers dreaming them!

Dreams and Color

       When it comes to dreaming in color or black and white, science is still divided. Some scientists believe that 80% of our dreams are in color. They believe that these dreams of color happen later in the sleep cycle while black and white dreams occur earlier in the sleep stage. Others believe we never dream in black and white and believe that it is biologically impossible.
        The colors in dreams convey different ideas based on our cultural differences. Although, universal dreams occur in all cultures, they express different meanings. Symbolism, (that right brain activity), color and interpretation are ultimately best transcribed by the individual. Some of the folklore on the symbolism of color and dreams can be an interesting discovery. Below is a list of color and their interpretations.

*White- success, awakening of spirituality, higher self learning.

*Dark Purple- success in social affairs, psychic ability, clarity.

*Lavender- temporary unhappiness or dissapointment.

*Blue- freedom from worry, help from others.

*Green- travel or news, knowledge, understanding, learning, peace.

*Pink- success, softness, flowing love, lack of fear.

*Yellow- setback or struggle, and happiness or new beginnings.

*Orange- Increased awareness, an urge to hurry or delay.

*Red- rage, anxiety, increased self-esteem, warning, controlling.

*Brown- luck with money, abundance, fullness or confusion.

trouble or difficulties.

*Multicolored- increased sense of security.

Remember, this is a guideline. As in life and regards to our circumstances, "everythng is relative" ~one thing can only be looked at in relationship to something else. Several of the colors have dual meanings which makes the interpretation even more subjective. It is always a good idea to look at ideas or concepts in pairs. In the way they may relate or not, to one another. Keep an open mind. An open mind allows ideas and images to soar with freedom and may increase our understanding that much more!
         While interpreting the dream one must pay attention to the time it was seen. Early night dreams comes to within one year, while midnight dreams results takes six months, Late night dreams give their good or bad results in three months and early morning dreams are immediate successful. The person should have sound sleep, should not be anxious and sick and should not be biased and obsessed to dream come true. Some people say that after awakening if one cannot recollect dreams it is ineffective.
Dreams should be told only to Guru or knowledgeable person for its correct analysis.

Remedies for bad dreams:

     If anyone has seen bad dreams in night,
1. He should tell it to other person or takeTulsi and sleeps again.
2. Remembrance of IstaDev, Hanuman Chalisa, and Shiv Panchahsher strotra also helps.
3. There are some specific mantras also to neutralize the effect of bad dream.
Dreams are the ultimate support to get self-direction from the soul. You can get answers of your many unresolved questions of various matters of life. But this requires evolution of mind in term of purity and sacredness to get clear ad deep indication.
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