Jupiter (Brihaspati)
              Jupiter is a noble positive dignified fiery and the biggest planet. It takes approx 12 years to complete its orbit around sun and does remains in one zodiacal sign for almost one year. Jupiter is amongst the slow moving planet and whenever it changes sign major changes are observes in the life on earth in general. It is masculine energy. It is considered as Brahaspati or DevGuru that is the teacher of Devs and therefore is a natural benefic. It is a planet of activating expansion and is generally a giver. People under the influence of Jupiter are jovial, lively and good tempered. Jupiter assists us in formulating our ideology and influence thinking capacity of a person. In the more spiritual realm, Jupiter lords over religions and philosophy. Jupiter s action is to expand, preserve and increase on all levels. In astrology it rules higher mind, wisdom, enthusiasm, benevolence, generosity, good luck, cheer, health, wealth, optimism, happiness, success, expansion, growth opportunity and joy. It is a symbol of opportunity and always opens way for new opportunities in the life. Jupiter is the minimization of limitation and gives emphasis on spirituality and potential.
Exalted:      Cancer                                             Debilitated:      Capricorn
Body Part: Fat                                                   MahaDasha:    16 years
Gem:          Yellow Sapphire                               Numerology:     3
Colour:   Yellow                                              Nakshtra:        Prnavsu,Vishakha,PurBhad
Element:    Space                                              Bhav Karak:     2,5,9,10,11
Mantra:       Om bram brahaspataye namah       Day:               Thursday
Positive Jupiter Traits: Success, ambition, inspiration, wealth, optimism, generous, aspiring.

Negative Jupiter Traits: extravagance, pomposity, conceit, very lazy, overconfident, fanatical
Guru Mantra    Devanaam Cha Rishii Namcha Gurum Kanchana Sannibham
                        Buddhi Bhuutam Trilo Kesham Tam Namami Bruhaspatim

Meaning:    I pray to Jupiter (Guru), the teacher of Gods and Rishis, intellect incarnate, lord of the three
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