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Saying yes to life opens the door of opportunity, and saying no closes it.

Saying no annihilates my future in a unique way.  When I say no, I shut the door to opportunity.  I also shut and lock hundreds of other doors that lie behind the door not opened.  Negation and loss of opportunity expand into my life at an exponential rate.  Life is too short and opportunities too few to shut any door to the future.

When I say yes to life, I open the door to opportunity.  Each door has others behind it, and those doors also open for as long as I continue to say yes.  The first time I say yes, a small positive change happens.  The next time, the positive change is slightly larger.  Saying yes has a positive effect that is more than cumulative.  Each yes pushes me further up the exponential curve of positive change.  Each yes has a greater impact than the last.

It’s always right to say yes to life, and I say it many times each day.  Saying yes allows me to ride the exponential curve of positive change all the way to my dreams.