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             Astrology is a predictive science as well as an art of predictions. It is divine in nature and hence known as science and immense skills are required to predict the events of the past, present and future hence it is an art. Who predict about past, present and future according to planetary effects is called as an astrologer or an astrologist. Merely studying horoscope chart or natal chart and learning from the learned Gurus do not make one proficient in this stream. An astrologer should be humility personified. He should be an above average individual, in terms of his mental capabilities and actions. He should never feel jealous of other's rise in astrology field. He should indulge in a selfless service without entering into professionalism. This knowledge is the great divine science, which he has required, should be imparted to others. His effort should be to spread this science far and wide, to as many people as possible. Only then does the astrologer get the divine blessings, which we call in modern day parlance as intuition.
          Astrologers in modern society are even more relevant today owing to the transformation that Indian society is undergoing. Sages Parashara has described the quality of astrologer in his holy astrology epic
'Hora Shashtra'.According to Brihat Hora Parashara an astrologer should be able to cast an horoscope of a specific event that happens at a particular moment of time whether it is the birth of a child or any other event. He should have adequate knowledge and practice of the mathematical procedures to calculate balance of Period of birth, all the 16 divisional horoscope charts, annual horoscope-'Varshaphal' and 'Ashta Varga' accurately. Although with the prevalence of computers, an horoscope can be prepared very easily but it has been observed that the most of computer software's, show a number of discrepancies particular in some of the divisional charts and in Ashta Varga tables, therefore, an astrologer should have a thorough knowledge of various techniques so that he can detect the mistakes in the horoscopes brought to him for consultation and if need be, he may himself prepare it manually.
               An astrologer should have a wide knowledge of the historical, geographical, cultural, customs and conventions of different places. This will help him in making predictions in the true spirit of the principle of astrology.

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