There are total 12 signs. Sade Sati is a relative position of your sign where Moon is posited in your birth chart (Moon Sign or Rashi) and the current position of Saturn (Shani).The currently planetary position is called Transit position or Gochar position in astrological terminology.
When Saturn is transiting through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal (birth) moon, this is termed as Sade-sati.
Sate-sati starts when Saturn (Shani) enters the 12th sign from the birth Moon and ends when Saturn leaves 2nd sign from the birth Moon. "Sade-sati" literally means 7 i.e. 'seven and a half'. Saturn stays 2 years on an average in a sign. So, in three signs combined, Saturn stays for 7 and hence it is called Sade-sati.
       Similarly, when Saturn passes through the 4th house from the birth moon, it is supposed to give negative results. This position of Saturn is called Ardha Sade-sati (Half-Sade-sati) or Dhaiya, Panoti, or Adhayia.
When Saturn passes through the
8th house from the natal moon, it is called Astham Sani (8th Saturn). This 8th house transit is considered equally negative like the Sade-sati transit.
Sade-sati is very much hyped by Vedic astrologers and this period of seven and a half year is said to be very inauspicious. According to some, this is a period with many challenges, some unforgettable. People passing through the period of Sade-sati, people may encounter road accidents, fractures, sudden falls from high positions, acute shortage of money, serious health problems and so on. Person passing through Sade-sati is prescribed .
       Generally Sade-Sati comes thrice in a horoscope in the life time - first in childhood, second in youth & third in old-age. First Sade-Sati has effect on education & parents. Second Sade-Sati has effect on profession, finance & family. The last one affects health more than anything else. Following tables give the periods of Sade-Sati and their effects.
Normally people are very afraid of Saturn Sade Sati and Dhaiya since planet Saturn is considered to be a Cruel Planet giving inauspicious results. However this is not always true and in fact sometimes the Saturn Sade Sati may prove very beneficial to a native depending upon the position of Saturn in his/her horoscope.
                   Various remedies and pariharas like mantra, japa, donation, and havan etc.
            Every day Chant Any one manras All are vadic Mantra
" 108 times daily  With the Kala Hakik ki mala "

Puranic mantra

Donating to and fulfilling the requirements of the handicap and needy people also pleases the Lord Shani.

It is believed to be good and beneficial to fast on Saturdays starting from sunrise to ending at sunset.

The person should never eat non vegetarian food on Saturdays as it's the day of Lord Shani to be worshiped on.

Sri Shani Yantra :- Shani Yantra/ Saturn Yantra is used to pacify an afflicted Shani/Saturn and get  blessings of Lord Shani. When Saturn is malefic in a horoscope due to wrong placement, Sade Sati or Small Affliction,  use of Shani Yantra is very Beneficial.

Recite Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Visit to the temple of Shri Hanumanji and ask for blessings.

Donate urad (a type of pulse), oil, sapphire, black sesame seeds, black buffalo, iron, money and black clothes as per your financial situation to Poor and Old People .

Give respect to your subordinate, servant, poor and lower class people.

Serve and respact your parents and elderly people.

Feed cow and crow.

7 mukhi Rudraksha - represents Goddess Mahalaxmi i.e. Goddess of wealth & prosperity. It is said that this Rudraksha helps in overcoming financial crisis & blesses its worshipper with prosperity & wealth. The ruling planet of this rudraksha is planet Saturn and hence by wearing this rudraksha, any malefic effects of planet Saturn are also removed.

Wear iron ring  made from horse shoe or nail from a boat of a river on Saturday on your middle finger (Male right hand - Female left hand).

Wear Blue Sapphire or Neelam to minimize the bad effect of Saturn after consultation with competent astrologer.
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