What Is Meditation

       Meditation is one of the Five principles of Yoga. Meditation is a practice that facilitates the ability to be more aware and observant of the present. The diverse meditation techniques and methods have a common theme- controlling the mind, relaxing the body, and bringing a state of calmness and mental clarity.
        When we pray, we talk to God! When we meditate, God talks to us! The fundamental of meditation is "Silence is the voice of God!" Meditation is a way of living! It is a journey from daily introspection to deep concentration to self-realization! Freedom offers powerful Concentration Techniques to pursue Spiritual Meditation.Meditation is a state where soul gets in touch with its source.

Principles of Meditation
"Balance to the Body and Mind
"Equilibrium of Emotions and Passions
"Overall Wellness
"Ability to Be the Best You
"Satisfaction of Life
Meditation follows three basic concepts:
1. Withdrawing from the distractions of the senses and bringing the mind to a place of concentration. Focus is directed    onto one element like the repetition of breathing, the repetition of a word, the connection with a bodily sensation, or an image or single thought.
2. Meditation is done without judgment and conclusions are not drawn from irrelevant thoughts. Wandering thoughts are placed in the background without struggle. Meditation does not mean to suppress outside thoughts, but rather to keep these thoughts from taking you away from the present.
3. During meditation, you remain aware of sensations, distractions, surroundings, and irrelevant thoughts, but discovering that they do not agitate or bring on stress. You meditate to develop the ability to exist in the moment with contentment and acceptance.  
      All these practices have one thing in common - they all focus on quietening the busy mind. The intention is not to remove stimulation but rather to direct your concentration to one healing element - one sound, one word, one image, or one's breathe. When the mind is "filled" with the feeling of calm and peace, it cannot take off on its own and worry, stress out, or get depressed.
       Simply do 'sitting still, doing nothing', as 'mental fasting'. Just as physical fasting purifies the essences of the body by withdrawing all external input of food, so the 'mental fasting' of meditation purifies the mind and restores the spirit's primal powers by withdrawing all distracting thoughts and disturbing emotions from the mind. In both physical and mental fasting, the cleansing and purifying processes are natural and automatic,

Meditation requires practice to achieve satisfying results. That changed personal life bringing new direction in finding physical, mental, and spiritual growth.
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