Vastu prush mandal
In order to understand Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to understand the Vastu Purusha Mandala, which is energy grid of square. The Vastu Purusha Mandala is the basic form in architecture and all other figures are derived from this elementary design. We can understand vaastupurush better with the following image
It provides the method that determines the requirements of architecture in relation to its directions. Each direction is allotted a particular role by the Vaasturatnakara. Every part of the Vastu Purusha s body is sacred and contains energies that help us in living a contented and peaceful life.
         Each work has its nature and features. Aforesaid knowledge gives us the appropriate direction for a desired work such as where and how to construct a room, outer structure and interior arrangement of rooms according to the nature of work so that we do our work without any problem and handedness.
         This knowledge tells us about the nature and work of directions and what kind of work is to be done in which direction. Vastu knowledge advices what kind of work is best in which directions at where it is medium, normal or average and which direction is prohibited for concerned work.
         Vastu Purusha is present in each and every plot whether it is big or small. It has a fixed and peculiar body. Its head remains hanging down and its body is spread all over the length and breadth of the ground. There is an interesting story in the MATSYA PURANA in which the birth of the Vastu Purusha is narrated. By reading that story, one knows why the worship of the Vastu Purusha is necessary before beginning the construction of any house.
          While fighting with the demon, Shiva was very much tired and began to sweat profusely. A man was born from the drops of the sweat of Shiva. He looked very cruel. He was very hungry. So he began to make penance to appease Lord Shiva and get a boon from Him.
           Shiva was pleased with his penance and appeared before him. The devotee prayed to Shiva, "Oh Lord! Please permit me to eat away all the three worlds." Shiva said, "Let it be so." The joy of that devotee knew no bounds. He got possession on all the three worlds and first he was ready to eat the terrestrial world. Then the celestial beings, Brahma, Shiva and the demons (Rakshasas) also were terrified and caught hold of the devotee encircling him.
Forty-five celestial beings, out of whom 32 from without and 13 from within caught hold of the devotee. The Thirty-two celestial beings are:-

            (1) ISH (2) PAROJAYA (3) JAYANT (4) INDRA (5) SURYA (6) SADYA (7) BARISHAM (8) AKASH (9) AGNI (10) PUSHNA (11) VITATHA (12) YAMA (13) KRITANTA (14) GANDHARVA (15) BRINGAVAJA (16) MRIGA (17) PITARA (18) DAREPALE (19) SUGRIVA (20) PUSHPADANTA (21) VARUNA (22) DAITYA (23) SESHA (24) YAKSHMA (25) ROGA (26) NAGA (27) MUKHYA (28) BHALLATA (29) SOMA (30) SARPA (31) ADITI and DITI.
All these 32 celestial beings are out of the limits of the devotee whereas the following 13 Beings are within his limits: -

              These celestial Beings laid force on the different limbs of the devotee and sat on them as shown below:
ISH (AGNI) - head; APA - face; PRITHWI DHARA & ARYAM - Chest; AVANTSA - heart; DITI & INDRA - Shoulders; SURYA & SOMA - Hands; RUDRA & RAJAYAKSHMA - left arm; SAVITRA & SAVITA - right arm; VIVASWAN & MITRA - Stomach; PUSHA & ARYAMA - Wrist; ASUR & SESHA - left side; VITATHA & GRAHAKSHAT - right side; YAMA & VARUNA - Thighs; GANDHARVA & PURAMADAN - on the knees; SUGRIV & BHRISH - shanks; DWARIKA & MRIGA - ankles; JAYA & SHAKRA - on the hairs grown on the feet; BRAHMA - on the heart.
Being bound like that, the devotee laid down there only. Since then, he has been lying there surrounded by the celestial Beings and thus he is known as "The God of Vastu or VAASTU PURUSHA".
"You will be known as `VASTUPURUSHA .You will tease the people who construct buildings and temples, dig wells and tanks on the side towards which you see and in the direction towards which you hold your feet, to your heart s content. You may trouble and even devour those people who construct the aforesaid buildings and temples etc. in the direction where you lay your head and back and those who lay foundation stone without worshipping you or without satisfying you with `Homa  and the like. Then the Vastu Purusha was quite satisfied. Since then the worship of Vastu-Purusha has been in vogue and it has become compulsory for those who want to construct any kind of building. "
   Vastu Purusha, being arrested like this, said to the Gods, "Oh Celestial Beings! You have all caught hold of me and tied me on all the sides. How long shall I be like this, in this position hanging my head down like a prisoner? What shall I eat?" Listening to these words, the celestial Beings said, "Today is Bhadrapada Shukla Triteeya Saturday and `Visakha Star ; So, you lie down here on the ground changing your position once in three months, i.e. from `Bhadrapada  to `Kartik  you lie down putting your head in the Eastern direction and your feet towards the West. During the months of `Margashira , `Pushyam  and `Magha , you lie down towards the South looking towards the West and put your feet towards the North. During the months of `Phalgun , `Chaitra  and `Vaisakh , put your head towards the West and feet towards the East looking towards the North. In the months of `Jyeshtha , `Ashadha  and `Sravana , put your head towards the North and the feet towards the South and look towards the East. Whatever side you may turn, you will have to lie down on the left side only.
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