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Kunal Sabharwal (Lawyer)

Mr.and Mrs. Sethi are one of the finest, honest and most intelligent astrologers I have met thus far. Besides their predictions which are 100% correct with not even an ounce of doubt, their humility and vast knowledge is what makes them the best and places them above thousands of other astrologers whom we see and hear via various media.I wish all the good luck to them for their future endeavors and also seek their blessings.
Warm regards,

Srikant Chadha (Businessmen)

         I have visited your Office and it really impressed me the way you represented several information in a very systematic yet presentable way. The response time is also very fast compare to other Astrologer. One more thing I think needs a great degree of applause that is the detailing individual's Person on diff. aspects.

Ajay manocha (Student)

         I must thank you for the wonderful website of “Satyadarshan .net” and I really love this side to read A complete information of  Astrology,palmistry,numerology and vastu.

Manoj Bhardwaz (Bank manager)

            First of all my immense gratitude towards you. Your Prediction is doing a wonderful work by providing genuine information regarding astrology. I found this website very helpful and insightful I am a regular member of your portal.

Renu Sharma (Law Student)

          I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.

Himansu Suri (Businessmen)

Thank you from the depth of my heart for ur guidance. May god bless u and thank u for ur support.

Parshant Rastogi (Student)

        I'm very happy with my experience of Satyadarshan Jyotish & vastu Kandra and I certainly will recommend it to others. In fact, I have already done so and would continue to do so. For Clear “Match making”.

Depansu (software eng) Green park Delhi

         I am very thankful to you that you’re Prediction on astrology, I ever found in my life. It is too
much accurate. I want to suggest you that you should have an online chat option with you also.

Sudhansu gaur (Bank Manager)

           Mrs & Mr Satyakam sethi is one of its kind, dedicated to the service of people who love and need astrological help. Honestly, I really entirely on your site for the specific purpose of Married life. I will, of course, refer this invaluable site to all who have similar interest.

Sushil Kumar (Kanpur)

Dear Sethi ji,
                     I had plans to buy a property for a long time but was stuck. Since I am a firm believer of astrology I decided to take suggestion before taking any step. I had used your service earlier therefore I requested for a Property Matter which turned out to be accurate.

Sushmita Sharma (House Wife)

          I was worried about my son's marriage as his horoscope was not matching with anyone, then my sister recommends you. After receiving the Solution for marriage  I was a bit relieved and did the solution which you had recommended. To my surprise, things fell in place and my son is getting married this December.

Abhinav chadha (Singapore)

Respected Pandit ji
                                 I was not keeping well from a long time, my family and friends showed to a lot of doctors but no signs of improvements were seen. The reports could not detect the health issue. While when one day I was surfing the net I came across your website and asked for my Health. I must say you pin pointed the difficulty to a great extent. You were able to guide me that this disease will take a year to get cured and over all the effect will be for long. But with routine life it can get better. With your Remedies advice I could see the effect and feel much better now.

Gotum Suri (Student)

          The career report you have sent to me proved to be very useful. I had a clash with my parents regarding the career choice. We consulted many astrologers for help but truly you showed the right path. I know what I can do but my parents had other dreams. The report you have send across has helped me and my parents to understand my nature and the work I wish for.