Mercury (Budha)
                  It is a variable, vacillating and small planet. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun. It takes about 88 days to complete its orbit around the Sun. Being nearest to Sun, mercury is restless and this makes is quick changing and fickle. It is neither masculine nor feminine energy and assumes the gender of the Sign it is in. Mercury is termed as Moon s sun. The planet gets its name Mercury as those with ill placed mercury and their horoscope with have mercurial temperament. It can easily be befriended. Its domain is once mental faculties like high writing abilities, speaking, communication, learning, logic, reasoning, grasping power, awareness, possibilities, opinions, manner of thinking, how we create and express our thought processes etc. It is also the ability to rationalize things. It bestows one with sharp intellect in editing, publishing, law, bank, journalism, religion, insurance, income tax, sales tax, engineering, and speculation. It s generally compare with tender and green grass. It is a talkative planet person ruled by mercury is quick witted and quick tempered. Mercury being a fast moving planet makes the person with fast gait. Mercury is about short trips. A visit to a neighbor or a friend across town, the workaday commute, a weekend getaway, siblings and transportation in general, are also within Mercury s realm.
Exalted:       Virgo                                       Debilitated:     Pisces
Body Part:    Skin                                         MahaDasha:    17 years
Gem:           Emerald                                    Numerology:   5
Colour:         Green                                      Nakshtra:         Ashlesha, Jyestha, Rewati
Element:      Earth                                        Bhav Karak:     4,10
Mantra:        Om bum budhaya namah         Day:                 Wednesday
Positive Mercury Traits: Ability to learn quickly, resourcefulness, awareness, dexterity, intelligent.

Negative Mercury Traits: Indecisiveness, instability, gull able, talks too much, two-faced, nosy.

Budha Mantra      Priyangu Kalika Shyamam Roopena Pratimam Budham
                            Sowmyam Sowmya Guno Petam Tam Budham Prana Maamyaham

Meaning:    I pray to Mercury (Budha), dark like the bud of millet, of unequalled beauty, gentle and
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