Sun (Surya)
               It is also known as Surya or Aditya. It is the ruler of all the planets. It is the source of life. It completes one cycle of zodiac in 12 months and thus it remains in one zodiacal sign for one month. Sun stands for father, spirit, success, intellect, strength, wisdom, fortune, will power, fame, wealth, vigor, dignity, ardor and generosity. It is the power of the individual to meet the challenges of everyday life. It also shows the ability for a person to function as a mature. It rules royalty and higher office. The sun represents kings, government officials, people in government service and leaders. It represents wealthy or famous people, as well as those living in or connected with a church, temple or religious institution. It also represents creative people like artists, actors, jewelers, gemologists, leaders etc.
Exalted:     Aries                                      Debilitated:     Libra
Body Part: Right Eye                                MahaDasha:    6 years
Gem:         Ruby                                       Numerology:   1
Colour:       Red                                        Nakshtra:         Kritika,Utrashadha,Ut.Phalgu
Element:    Fire                                         Bhav Karak:    1,9,10
Mantra:      Om ghrani suryay namah          Day:                 Sunday
Positive Sun Traits: Ambition, confidence, strong will power, strength, loyalty and a desire for
Negative Sun Traits: Arrogance, jealousy, laziness, conceit.
Surya Mantra
Japakusuma Sankasham Kaashya Peyam Maha Dyutim
                                Tamo Arim Sarva Paapaghnam Pranathosmi Divakaram

Meaning:   I pray to the Sun (Surya), the day-maker, destroyer of all sins, the enemy of darkness, of
                great brilliance, the descendant of Kaashyap, the one who shines like the japaa flower.
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